Fabrication_350x263.jpgNorthstar Fire Protection of Texas offers in-house, custom fabrication services for a full range of fire protection and sprinkler systems, including pipefittings, valve, sprinkler heads, and many other components.

Prefabrication helps shorten projects durations, eliminate on-site activity, reduce waste, and increase safety. We bring these benefits to clients across the country from three (soon to be four) fully equipped shops.

Complete Fire Protection Fabrication Solutions

Our team of fabrication specialist and experienced welders are highly trained and highly experienced. They offer a complete range of fabrication services that meet our clients most stringent specifications.

Our fabrication capabilities:

  • Fabrication for all pipe, as designed
  • Welding outlets on all pipe, where needed
  • Cutting and grooving all pipe
    • Roll grooving up to 36 inches
    • Cut grooving from 2 ½ inches to 12 inches
  • Cutting and slotting uni-strut and angle iron
  • Fabrication for specialty pieces, as needed
  • Threading, as needed
    • ½ inch to eight-inch carbon steel and galvanized
  • Fabrication for headers, weld flanges, and adjustable pipe stands
  • Custom hanger fabrication for each job
  • Painting and powder coating finishes
  • Supplying all items and materials
  • Loading materials for delivery
  • Tagging and labeling all pieces and system components

Nationwide-Network of Fabrication Shops

As a national fire protection contractor, we have state-of-the-art fabrication facilities strategically located across the country, allowing our clients to take advantage of prefabrication no matter where they are located.

Our shop locations and specs include:


  • 82,000 square feet
  • Opened August 2020
  • Capacity to deliver more than 20,000 individual sprinklers per week
  • Capacity to ship approximately 1-million pounds of fabricated material per week
  • Staffs two-shifts of 80-120 staff, five days per week


  • 84,000-square-foot, brand-new Facility
  • Opening Spring 2022


  • 22,000 square feet
  • Fabricates and delivers nearly 20,000 sprinkler heads per month
  • Staffs two shifts, five days per week

INDIANA Fort Wayne

  • 100,000 square feet
  • Output of 5,000 welds per day
  • Over 1.5-million pounds of fabricated materials shipped weekly
  • 24/7/365 operation